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Privacy Policy

The County respects your privacy! The information below explains how the County gathers information on this web site and the technology the County uses to ensure that your information is private and secure.
Collecting Information

What information is collected
Currently our site is an informational site and does not collect any information.

  1. Is any information collected automatically just by accessing this web site?
    No, currently we collect no information when you access this site.
  2. Does this web site place a cookie on your computer?
    The County's web site does not place a "cookie" on your computer.
  3. How is the collected information used?
    The County does not share, sell, or trade any information collected on this web site.

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Providing External Links

The County provides some links on this web site that lead to resources outside the County's web site. When this web site provides an external link to a third party's site, you will see a small exit symbol ( External Link ) which indicates that you will leave the County's web site if you click on the link. The County is not responsible for the privacy practices of the sites to which we link. When a link on the County's web site directs you to a third party's site, the County encourages you to read that third party's privacy statement to learn of that party's privacy practices.

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Ensuring Confidentiality

The County utilizes a system of hardware and software known as a "firewall" to regulate information that can enter and exit the County's web server(s). This ensures that only authorized access occurs and that information remains confidential.

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Sending Your Comments

If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of the County's web site, or your interaction with the County's web site please email:

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